Qualified is a versatile assessment platform, designed primarily for assessing software developers. The platform is highly flexible and adaptable to different use-cases for assessing software developers, and can even be used for assessing non-developers as well. 

The two main categories for how Qualified is intended to get used are "recruitment" and "education". Here are some of the top use-cases for integrating Qualified into your organization's process:


Qualified is used in all kinds of education settings, including higher learning, bootcamps, grade schools, online courses, and corporate training/upskilling.

  • Course coding assignments
  • Course exams testing coding ability
  • Course exams testing technical knowledge
  • Ranking students based off of assessment performance
  • Identifying skills gaps in workforce
  • Identifying training gaps in curriculum


  • Technical pre-screens to verify coding ability (work samples)
  • Technical in-depth testing to verify coding ability (work samples)
  • Technical code-pairing interviews
  • Job fitness scoring
  • Culture fitness scoring
  • Assessing technical knowledge
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