Qualified provides a flexible notification system which allows you to manage settings at different levels of the application, giving you powerful control over how you setup you workflow.

This article will touch at a high level on the following:

  • User level notification preferences
  • Assessment level notification scheme preferences
  • Team level notification scheme preferences

User Level Notification Preferences

Each user on the Qualified platform can configure which events they would like to be notified about. Each user will only ever get notified about each event if it is enabled within their account settings, regardless of team or assessment level settings.

Notification Schemes

In addition to the user level notification settings, teams and assessments can be configured to use a notification scheme, which allows you different options for determining who on the team should be eligible to receive notifications. 

These schemes can be configured per each assessment, allowing you to have different notification workflows for different assessments. You can also configure a team wide setting, which all assessments will use if they are not specifically configured within their own notification scheme. 

What sort of notification schemes do you support?

Qualified currently supports 4 different schemes:

  • Entire Team: Everyone on the team is eligible to receive notifications
  • By Assignee: Each candidate can be assigned to one or more users, only these users will be notified. This is the best way to curb notification noise.
  • All Managers: All manager level users will be notified
  • All Reviewers: All reviewer level users will be notified

Remember, notification schemes just determine who is considered for notification. Each user can configure certain notifications to be disabled, meaning that even if a scheme tries to notify a user, they may not get a notification if they disabled the notification event setting.

You can read more about notification schemes here.

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