If you are looking to share assessment results with users outside of Qualified, there are a few approaches you can take. 

Print Assessment Result

Within each assessment result tab on a candidate profile, you will see a "Print/Export Results" button. This will present you with a printer friendly version of the page, specific for that assessment result. This page includes not only the score and stats information, but also the solution code for each solution submitted. 

This can be an excellent way to conduct in-person code reviews, print outs for follow-up in person interviews, or for sending via email to people who are not able to login to Qualified.

Data Export

If you are not looking for individual print-outs with a lot of detail, but are instead looking to export data in bulk, you can use our data export feature. From here you can specify what type of record you want to export, and download that data within a CSV format.

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