An Interact Coding Session is away for you to join in with a candidate or student's assessment. This turns a normal assessment into a shared code-pairing session, where you can both interact with the code and see each other's activity. 

An important thing to know about these sessions, is that they work on top of a normal assessment. You turn an assessment into a collaborative session simply by joining in on an assessment that has been started.

Popular Use Cases

  • Conducting code pair interviews with job candidates
  • Assigning class room assignments to students and then joining in on a student's session who needs 1:1 assistance
  • Conducting post assessment reviews with job candidates or students

Key Features & Benefits

  • Collaborate and interact together
  • Code together in real time
  • View results Immediately
  • View reference solutions, test cases, and more, to help assist candidates and students as they try to complete the assignment
  • Utilize the same code playback and review features as a normal assessment

Learn More

To find out more about working with Interact Coding Sessions, check out our reference doc for more details.

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