If you are building your own custom challenges, you may be thinking about how you can protect your content from being shared online. You may want to do this to prevent developers from getting a preview of what to expect, or from copying the solutions while taking the challenge. 

While Qualified provides a number of options for detecting plagiarized solutions, there are some other things you can consider to help keep your hiring challenges better protected in the first place. 

Gating your challenges

Instead of sending a single large assessment to candidates, you can split your assessment up into multiple assessments. You can send the first assessment as a pre-screen, to filter out lower performing candidates. This way, you are limiting the number of candidates viewing your challenges. From here, you can send the 2nd part of the assessment only to those who performed well on the first. 

Qualified provides automated workflows to help you with cases like these. You could setup a workflow to automatically invite candidates (who reach a certain score threshold) to the 2nd assessment, keeping the process completely automated for you. 

Cycling different follow-up assessments

In addition to gating challenges by splitting them up into two or more parts, you can also cycle out different challenges as your pre-screen. When inviting candidates to an assessment, you could choose from 2 or more pre-screens, with each being used as a gate to the same 2nd follow up assessment.

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Qualified is constantly adding new functionality to help customers achieve their goals. The platform aims to address a number of different use cases. If you have a suggestion for how this use case could be addressed with a new feature or improvement, please visit our features portal and submit an idea.

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