By default, when you create an assessment, it is set to private. This means that the only way for a candidate to start an assessment is for them to be sent a private link. This allows you to tightly control the number of assessments that are being taken. 

However there are many cases for when you might want to open up an assessment, so that anyone with a link can take it. For example, you may want to use our assessments as a job application, that involves having to complete a basic pre-screen. Alternatively, you may just want to incorporate assessments within an email template that you use, such as in your ATS system. The email will act as your invitation, so you don't need to invite a candidate directly from within Qualified. 

For cases like these, you can mark any assessment as publicly accessible. Simply navigate to the assessment you wish to make public, and click the "Make assessment public" link within the invite candidates section.

You can change this setting later by editing the assessment general settings, within the "options" section.

A candidate who reaches the assessment via a public link will only show up in your candidate list once they start the assessment.

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