With weighted multiple choice questions, you can use Qualified's quizzes for much more than you would think possible with a simple multiple choice question. They are great for automatically determining job fit via a questionnaire, improved aptitude quizzes, and even getting to know your candidate better.

Weighted multiple choice questions work exactly as normal multiple choice questions from the candidate's point-of-view, but instead they allow you to assign different values to each question. The total score for the questions can then be assigned anything you want, such as the sum of all correct answers, the highest correct answer, or any value in-between.

You can even assign negative values to some answers. While the candidate's score can never go below zero for a question, this can allow some incorrect or undesirable answers to offset a positive one.

Some simple use cases:

  • Job Fit—Skills: Here you may be looking for someone with skills in different languages, but you prefer some languages over others. So, as an example, you might assign a 10 to TypeScript, a 9 to JavaScript, and a 5 to CoffeeScript. If the question has a max value of 10, then selecting TypeScript, or any 2 or more answers, gives the candidate a full score for that question.
  • Skill Aptitude Question—Single Choice: In this scenario, you may have a technical question that has several correct answers. You may choose to assign a higher score to the answers that are better.This format could be a single-choice question, where there's multiple correct answers, but the candidate can only choose one. Based on which one they choose, they might not get 100%, but they could still get 50% of the points for that question.
  • Skills Aptitude Question—Multiple Choice: Similar to the above use case, but in case, the candidate could pick multiple answers. This might be a great place to use negative values, reducing their score even if they pick the "right" answer among several incorrect answers.
  • Personality Question: Here you can use a quiz like a questionnaire to learn more about your candidate. For example, asking them about hobbies. You can assign different weights to the different hobbies to highlight candidates with interests that may better align to the job position.

And these are just some of the use cases you can use weighted multiple choice questions for. We'd love to hear from you about how you find ways to use this quiz feature to improve your hiring process.

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