In a traditional technical recruiting process, companies usually conduct some sort of coding interview, often followed up later by a in-depth take-home test. These take home tests are meant to be less stressful, as they can be done at home without being watched or having a time limit. They tend to be open ended and involve more than just a simple task - such as creating a small app

Qualified already takes care of replacing coding pre-screen tests and coding interviews, with Assess code challenges and Interact code-pairing sessions. However can it also replace manually administered take-home tests?

Depending on what sort of tasks you hope to give for the take-home test, it most likely can. Better yet, you may even be able to automatically score some or all of the project (depending on how open-ended it is). No matter what, if you utilize Qualified as your solution for take-home projects, you will have a consistent system for administering and reviewing submissions.

So what can you use within Qualified to give the equivalent of a take-home project?

Project Code Challenges

Project Code Challenges are a new feature that allows you to achieve this. It takes the Code Challenge format and expands it so that you can do test an entire project. You can learn more about it here.

This challenge format allows you to provide a take-home project type of experience. It has these traits in common with what you would expect from a take-home challenge:

  • Allows for existing project files and a base project structure to be defined
  • Candidates can modify file structure as needed
  • Entire applications can be configured and tested
  • Unit tests can be used while developing the solution
  • Solution can be built using own IDE (coming soon)

In addition to these traits that are in common, there are also the following benefits for using Project Code Challenges instead of take home projects:

  • No need to manage and organize submissions
  • Ability to auto-score some or all of the submission
  • Complete control of the file structure, preventing candidates from editing or even seeing certain files if need be
  • Our execution engine is used for running code, providing a consistent environment and preventing any cross-environment compatibility issues
  • Ability to play back the entire coding session of the candidate (coming soon)
  • Ability to define your own hidden tests, which help to validate unique aspects beyond just code, such as asking candidates to provide documentation, and then verifying that they followed directions by using unit tests to check for the existence of the documentation files

If you are considering using take-home challenges, or haven't considered them in the past because of all of the work required, you might want to give Project Challenges a spin. Please contact us through the in-app help, we are happy to discuss what options you have for implementing take home tests.

Are we missing something you need?

Qualified is constantly adding new functionality to help customers achieve their goals. The platform aims to address a number of different use cases. If you have a suggestion for how this use case could be addressed with a new feature or improvement, please visit our features portal and submit an idea.

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