If you are looking to track the performance of candidates across different recruiting sources, you can utilize Qualified's buckets feature to help achieve this. 

Buckets allow you to tag candidates in any way you see fit. In this case, you could add candidates to buckets based off of hiring source. To achieve this, you can set the bucket on the invitation screen when sending out one or more invitations. You can also manually update candidates via the candidate profile screen.

Exploring Data With Buckets

Once you have your candidates assigned to different buckets, you can utilize the filters within the candidates sidebar to quickly switch between different bucket views. Combined with the ability to sort candidates by score, you can toggle between different sources and determine which sources are resulting in the highest scoring candidates.

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Qualified is constantly adding new functionality to help customers achieve their goals. The platform aims to address a number of different use cases. If you have a suggestion for how this use case could be addressed with a new feature or improvement, please visit our features portal and submit an idea.

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