No matter what the assessment, reviewing a developer's assessment result is more than glancing at a score. It’s about taking an in depth look of how they code, the choices they made along the way, and how they measure up to your team and other candidates. Qualified helps you do all that all in one view.

Here are some key features that you can use to review a developer's assessment result within Qualified:

Playback of Candidate’s Code

Playback is such a simple but significant feature. When reviewing code, it’s great to “see” how a developer approaches a problem, makes mistakes, and figures out how to remedy them. You can also do it at the speed that best suits you. Also, the playback includes every output of a developer attempts at a solution.

Skip to Key Events

Sometimes you just want to check out certain moments of a developer's submission. We get it. Simply checking off a “Key Events” box gives you just that, where you can quickly skip to items like:

  • any code run or attempt
  • “large” external paste
  • code or test resets
  • changing of the language.

Compare Code to Other Developer, Team Members, or Reference Solution

Leaving to another screen ruins a flow, and we never want to do that to you. By simply clicking the “Compare” tab you can view all the submissions for a specific question in order to compare to a candidate/student answers side-by-side while you are making your evaluation. You also have the ability to compare the answers to a team member or the reference solution by clicking the bottom left tabs.

Want to check the data? We have that for you.

Pass rate, average score, how they executed on timing, and a measure of the complexity of their code is all there for you to quickly see how a developer stacks up against the rest. Again, all in one review screen so you have everything you need all in one place.

Leave your review

You are able to leave your review for each challenge in an assessment. The review page is broken down in three sections: Overall rating, Qualities, and Feedback Notes. 

Overall rating and Qualities are ways to quickly score a challenge. Qualities range from rating items like “Easy to Read, Hard to Understand” to “Handles Edge Cases, Lacks Defensive Coding Skills.” 

Feedback Notes is where you can write your review or comments about the candidate’s submission for other teammates to read or to save for later. 

Overall rating is a quick option that allows you to note if the quality of the submitted challenge was Great, Average, or Poor. 

Once you are all done, you can go to the next question and have a fresh challenge and page to grade.

After leaving a review, you can see your review, as well as your teams, easily at a glance from the candidates/students list.

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