This article will walk you through the basics of setting up your team. To get started, there are a few basics you should know about. 

User Roles

Each user on your team (often referred to as a team member) is assigned a role to indicate the permissions they have available. There are 4 roles:

Account Manager

Most powerful user type. Has access to everything, including billing.


Similar to account manager, but does not have access to billing.


Primary job is reviewing assessment results. Does not have the ability to invite candidates to additional assessments.

Equal Opportunity Reviewer

Similar to a reviewer, but is blinded from seeing any personal information. This allows your team to make unbiased opinions solely on the performance of the assessment.


Notification Scheme Settings

There are a number of settings that you can configure within the Team Profile & Settings section. For now, let's focus on the notification scheme preference. This will allow you to configure how you want the team to receive notifications. 

There are a few options available, the default is most likely your best choice, but its good to know about the others.

Entire Team (Default)

The entire team will receive notifications about all candidates. This is ideal for smaller teams. Individual team members can always configure event level notifications, such as turning off "Assessment Started" notifications, so this setting is a good starting point if you only have a few users or don't handle that many candidates.

By Assigned Team Member 

Only team members assigned to a candidate will get notified about events related to the candidate. If no one is assigned, then the person who invited the candidate will be notified. This is ideal for very large teams, where you don't want to spam everyone with too many notifications. 

All Team Reviewers

Only Reviewers and Blind Reviewers will receive notifications about candidates. Anyone who has either of these roles will receive a notification. This is ideal for teams that have reviewers look over assessments after they are submitted. 

All Team Managers

Only Account Managers and Managers will receive notifications about candidates. Anyone who has either of these roles will receive a notification. This is ideal if you typically have someone manage who should be reviewing results, so that they can individually reach out to reviewers as necessary.

No One

Notifications will not be sent out to team members, regardless of their personal notification preferences.

In addition to team notification preferences, you can also configure your personal preferences, such as indicating that you never want to get a notification about who started an assessment. You can learn more about the different areas for configuring notifications here.

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