As a new trial user, you are setup with demo data already preloaded into your account, which will help you explore the interface and understand the concepts of the Qualified platform. At any point in time, you can choose to remove all of this data by visiting the setup guide.

Explore Candidates

To start, let's head over to the "Candidates" view (will say "Students" if you are an education customer). You will see a list of candidates that look something like this:

There are a few things we can see from this view right away. 

  • All of the demo candidates have taken the "Junior Developer" assessment. 
  • Two of those candidates completed the entire assessment with 100% of the tests passed. 
  • Three of those candidates were reviewed by a team member, and only one of them received a favorable review. 

You will also notice some icons next to each name. These correspond to the candidate state that they are in. You can match these states to the sidebar.

You can learn all about the different candidates states here.

Diving into a candidate's profile

Now let's click on one of the candidates and view more about them. For this example, let's click the candidate that received a favorable review, in this case, "Mary Duvall".

We won't go over every detail of the candidate profile just yet, but you are encouraged to explore this candidate profile. You can try performing some of the following activities to get a feel for things:

  • Leaving a new comment
  • Starting a Review and exploring the interface for playing back code, leaving reviews and comparing solutions. 
  • Hovering over the challenge score stats within the solutions summary and viewing additional details.

The demo data is pretty simple, with a very basic assessment associated with each candidate. This is a good place for you to try things out without worrying about making mistakes.

Assessments and Challenges

There is less to see here in terms of demo data, but these areas are important to understand. At this point it's also a good time to learn the differences between assessments and challenges.

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