When looking to score candidates (or students, in the case of education customers), there are a number of things to know about how their assessment results are scored. 

Automatic Scoring

The score that you will see next to a candidate, and on each assessment result, is based off of the combined average score of all challenges within the assessment. 

For example, if there are 3 challenges on an assessment, with scores of 100%, 50% and 100%, the assessment score will be (100 + 50 + 100) / 300 = 83%. Every challenge on the assessment is weighted the same. 

OK, so how are challenges scored?

Code Challenges

Code Challenges are scored based off of the submission unit tests. By default, each unit test counts as an equal weight to the overall score. So if there are 10 unit tests, and 8 are passed by the candidate, the score will be 80%. In other words, by default the score for Code Challenges are a reflection of number of unit tests passed. The score is never more than 100%. 

It is possible to weight unit tests, to allow for certain tests to reflect a greater or lesser part of the overall score. To learn more, you can view our reference documentation for advanced test cases.

Quiz Challenges

Quiz Challenges by default are also weighted equally, with every question counting as an equal weight towards the overall challenge score. Similar to Code Challenges, each question can also be given a weight. For questions, by default each counts as 1 "point". However you can assign different point values to each question to allow for it to matter more or less to the overall score.

Each quiz question can also have a partial score, and there are a lot of options for how to determine those scores. For example multiple choice questions can be weighted, so that multiple options are correct, and certain ones count for more of the question score than others. You can review these options in more detail within our quiz question reference documentation.

Manual Review Ratings

In addition to the automatic scoring, we highly recommend that you have at least one developer review each candidate, or at least every high scoring candidate, in order to dive into deeper aspects of the work sample provided by completing the assessment. 

Qualified provides an overall rating, and a set of individual qualities that can be rated, per each challenge - allowing each reviewer to provide their subjective and insightful feedback. An overall approve or reject rating can also be provided for the assessment itself. 

Reviews do not count as part of the score, instead you will see a green, yellow or red face icons next to the score within the candidates list, used to represent each reviewer's overall rating.

You can read more about interpreting assessments results within our reference docs.

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