Qualified uses a customized form of Github-Flavored Markdown for editing challenge instructions. In addition to Github's extension, Qualified supports additional features such as documentation and info blocks. 

You can learn more within the markdown reference docs.

Multi-Language Support

In addition to GFM, which already provides support for fenced code blocks, we also support providing examples in multiple languages. Simply stack fenced code blocks back to back. The languages that are not relevant to the context will be filtered out. You can use the language tabs at the top of the preview pane to set the language display context.

Language Targeting

You can set code blocks to only display if a specific language is active. 

will be shown if either javascript or ruby is active
will be shown if any language other than ruby is selected
will be shown if any languages other than java or javascript is selected

Expanded Blocks Support

You can utilize % when defining a block to activate our expanded blocks, which allow you to do things like style different sections. For example:

A default light gray block. You can use markdown in here

## Header to show that you can use markdown inside of the alert

A blue info block

A yellow warning/caution block

A red block
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