Invite Developers

There are two quick ways to get started with Qualified.

  • Send a link through Qualified, which makes it extremely easy to get started
  • Send an email manually to the participant, with your unique public link to your assessments

Using Qualified's Invite System

There are several advantages to inviting the developer through the Qualified email, including:

  • Track who's been invited: Invited developers show up immediately, so you can easily see if you've already invited someone.
  • Re-send Invites: Re-send invites with a single click on the candidate or student's details page.
  • Easier Login For Developers: The developer will be given a special link that makes it quicker for them to get started.
  • Support Invite-Only Assessments: Public-URL assessments can be shared between friends. If you use Qualified to invite your developer, you can configure an assessment to be invite-only.

From Anywhere

From anywhere within the app, you can click INVITE CANDIDATE/STUDENT in the upper-right to send an email through Qualified. This will bring up a dialog that lets you select an assessment, then add one or more candidates via email or selecting from previous candidates.

This dialog contains several features, depending on your account configuration, including:

  • Inviting new & previous candidates & students.
  • Adding a custom message.
  • Send a copy of the email to yourself.
  • The ability to assign candidates or students to a particular team member.
  • The ability to add a candidate to one or more buckets.

Invite Without Sending an Email
You can disable sending the email, by unselecting Send invitation to candidate now.
This can be useful if you want to track invited participants, but don't want them to start yet. You can also use this if you'd rather send your own custom email. In this case, you can copy the Invite & Practice links from within the candidate's details.

From the Assessment Page

Available actions for inviting a candidate.

Invite via Qualified

The details page for any assessment has a INVITE CANDIDATE/STUDENT button available for easily inviting a developer to a specific assessment.

Invite via Email

Within the assessment details page, you can use the COPY LINK button to copy your unique public link. Then paste this link into an email to your candidate.

The link is also available in the box next to the copy button, which may work better on some devices or browsers.

NOTE: The assessment must not be configured as an invite-only assessment for the link to work.

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